HOOK: an EDUCATIONAL SLANT TO POP CULTURE in an 1-hour transmedia-infotainment format that — by investigating the connections that make up our culture, exposes how EVERYTHING IS A REMIX

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REMIX is a 1-hour transmedia infotainment format that gives an EDUCATIONAL SLANT TO POP CULTURE. By investigating the connections that make up our culture the show exposes how EVERYTHING IS A REMIX. The strings of inspiration between literature, movies and music coming together to form an artistic work are revealed in a character-driven presentation that excites, inspires, and educates youth how to BE MORE CREATIVE and express him or herself by COLLABORATING and REMIXING CULTURE with fans from around the world.

REMIX features PLATO, the scruffy-haired peripatetic POP CULTURE PHILOSOPHER who WALKS AROUND the globe looking for REMIX. Each episode is set in a different bustling metropolis (PARIS-NYC-BEIJING, …), with the season starting and ending in LONDON. Every week — with the help of a SIDEKICK guest expert —  we analyze the cultural REFERENCES of one pop culture phenomenon — from LADY GAGA to GIRL TALK to TECNO BREGA of Brazil. Getting us into strange discussions with artists, street-stranger-remixers and online fans, REMIX is an unconventional show that educates and enlightens us about the REFERENCES that make up our culture of MOVIES and MUSIC.

Culture is about making connections and REMIX crosses platforms to encourage and engage viewers become more creative. Extending from the tentpole television show, a transmedia storyworld emerges, where viewers become participants, a social network where each week PLATO highlights the cleverest CULTURE REMIX submitted by members that leads to a GRAND FINALE  by the end of the TV season.

In Depth Format Proposal

  1. Channel
  2. Audience
  3. Team
  4. Running Order
  5. Transmedia
  6. Analytics
  7. Budget


The format foresees one season to be limited to 12 episodes as finding remix connections in each new city is a time-consuming and research-intensive task which needs a period of preparation before each season; a typical Channle4 /E4 series runs for 7-8 episodes, so this is a bit longer. On the other hand, the almost unlimited number of creative cities around the world creates the opportunity to continue the format in short series (as is common in British TV) ad-inifinitum.

  1. NYC (season start)
  4. DAKAR
  9. TOKYO
  11. PARIS
  12. LONDON (season end)



The current program in the Channel 4 Sunday 20:00 slot is underperforming as recent research predicts a younger and more web-oriented audience for the Sunday evening slot. This demographic is looking for an inspiring and encouraging show to identify with — and REMIX offers an educational yet engaging show optimized for that exact audience. REMIX provides an hour of inspiration each Sunday night, pushing for creativity for the coming week. The demographic is looking to be more creative and connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe. REMIX offers an engaging transmedia platform complete with a social network to do just that. By learning together from  references from around the world we help a young audience find their creativity and form new personal connections that may lead who-knows-where in the future.

Example content from EVERYTHING IS A REMIX: